Awesome new product that chills your glass for better tasting beers without using your freezer

beer glass froster

There are always a lot of opportunities to poke fun at some new and awkward product because there are just so many of them coming to market all of the time. Not sure why. Perhaps it is due to Amazon and the increase in e-commerce stores opening around the net as internet web development tools have become cheaper and also since merchants now need to protect their margins more than ever since the likes of Ebay have brought down their prices so significantly. Since these shifts in the economy, we have been coming across some freaky and amazing products that people are getting made up for their stores over there in Chinese factories. When ever we come across one of these we cannot help ourselves but take a look at it and write an article here for you our reader. One such item is the beer glass chilling machine that is meant to be utilised in domestic settings.

The froster comes in at four hundred dollars currently. What do you get with that? Basically it comes with the frosting machine itself. It locks on to any counter or bench top or table type of arrangment for ease of access and use. It just sits there in wait for when ever you want to chill one of your glasses for a nice beer, wine or what ever you like them cold for. It achieves this feet by emitting a frosty mist which turns an ordinarily glass that sits at the temperature of an average house hold room and makes it into a nice frosty cold glass as would be served at your favourite pub. This makes the drink taste that much better particularly in the hot summer months of the calendar year. What you reckon? Pretty cool huh (no pun intended). Well, don’t go so fast. It does a lot more than that. The variety of sized glasses it can chill never ceises to amaze. Chill your margarita tumbler or a massive pint glass as would be enjoyed over in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

What are some of the downsides I should look out for with the beer glass chiller?

Well it actually does not come with the cartridges with the stuff you need to actually chill the glasses! Further to this, it doesn’t even come with the AA batteries that power the thing up.

When we were living through the decade of the 1980s we didn’t have to put up with that. What’s more, that was suppose to be the years of greed and wealth. Well manufacturers and sellers alike still stocked products that actually came with everything needed to operate the goddamn thing out of the box. What ever happened to ‘plug and play’. Even more damning is that this product uses canisters that actually omit chlorofluorocarbon. This stuff basically ruins the ozone layer. So if you’re considering a glass chiller, this one is frankly over priced and bad for the ozone.